Whilst designing my website I left this page to last thinking it would be pretty simple to throw together a few words about me - not so. How does one summarize themselves in one short paragraph. So after giving this some thought I will endevour to tell you a little bit about what I do, who I am, and where I hope to go.

I first developed an interest in Photography during High school. I immediately fell in love with the whole concept of photography and how light was used to portray varying scenes and moods, (Photographer means 'light artist'). I was priveleged to be part of a school that catered completely to this subject and with a kit of 26 enlargers I soon became lost in the darkroom. I was taught to take an imaginary photograph first before I pressed the shutter to ensure composition, light and subject were all satisfactory. There was no better joy to be had back then than to get into the darkroom and begin the process of developing and printing. I left school and pursued photography by incorporating a darkroom into all my dwellings !

In 1992 I took my first wedding booking. Prior to that I was shooting mostly portraiture and landscapes so I was a little nervous to say the least. A wedding is such a HUGE deal ! I counteracted my chances of being nervous by planning lots for this wedding. I developed a system that I am still using today for each and every wedding - 20 years later! This system is what I like to think of as my little secret tool. When I shoot a wedding I want it to feel like I am photographing 2 of my best friends. This means meeting my clients several times prior to their big day. This is not a waste of time because it ensures natural & relaxed photographs. I am often told by my bride & groom that their guests enquired as to where the photographer was as I blend in so well. I DO NOT intrude upon your special day nor do I order your guests around as I work. My comprehensive planning technique allows me to shoot confidently and professionally throughout the day. I cannot compare any two weddings, each one is unique in my eyes and this is why I will never tire or grow bored of shooting weddings.

Apart from the actual day, I consider the process of designing and producing your wedding book just as important. I insist that all editing and design work is done in-house by myself and not left in the hands of Album company designers that although talented have no personal connection to either the wedding day or the couple . I believe that by following through to the finished and completed product I am able to create the proper album layouts that allow you to remember the feeling of your wedding day forever ! I thoroughly check each and every image that will be included in your album and carry out all editing and artwork as part of my package.

To date I have shot close to 1000 weddings and I can honestly say, experience is priceless when it comes to something as important as a wedding. I have learnt to combine darkroom skills with IT experience giving me the best of both worlds when it comes to photography!

Alongside weddings I also love to shoot portraiture. I enjoy both location and studio based work. Location is best suited to create natural photography where a beautiful landscape is incorporated into your background, conversely studio portraiture removes background distraction and so focuses more on the subject, both are great ! Full consultation is required before any shoot to discuss likes, dislikes, props, etc

Other than being a photographer I am also married to Giles, who plays a tremendous role in keeping me focused and am blessed to be Mummy to 6 amazing and beautiful children ranging in age from 23 down to 2 and a half ! My eldest daughter has just graduated from university and is applying her skills and knowledge to develop the business. She will be looking after advertising, marketing, and business. My second eldest daughter is in her final school year and will continue her education in photography at university next year. I have yet to work on the other 4 !!!! Which brings me to my final paragraph. My vision is to expand my photography business, building on the foundations that are already laid, and continue to embrace new technology and display products as they evolve whilst maintaining the creativity and art that is central to my work.    click for testimonials: